SAFETY Initiative

Safety Committee Members

Community Managers:

Ericka McGowan- Lakewood District

Ashley Yanez- Auburn District

Oscar Castillo - Las Vegas District

Jonathan Rosario - Tacoma District

Laura Nelson - New Mexico District

Jennifer Hoover - Las Vegas District

Susan Chasson - Lakewood District

Maintenance Supervisors:

Angel Pena - Tacoma District

Ernst Rosenberg - Las Vegas DIstrict

David White - Puyallup District

Steve Wages - Kitsap District


SAFETY Checklist 

Ladder Safety

The following documents contain lots of useful materials regarding ladder safety.

safety due dates 2021.jpg

Fire Prevention Tips


Fall Protection


Employee Safety Manual

Requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protection Equipment 


Workers Rights

For information regarding workers compensation, unemployment benefits, paid family leave, medical leave, or minimum wage, view your states' laws and regulations here: