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Working from Home


Welcome to our resources page! Here you will be able to find helpful information for employee benefits, payroll, property information, Paychex, workers rights, accounts set up, and more.

Doctor's Appointment


Review your medical, dental, vision and supplementary plans here. 

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View corporate updates, policy changes, state and federal mandated updates and more  information about COVID-19.


Who Should I Contact

Need help but don't know who to contact? View this list to see who to reach out to within the corporate staff.

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Phone & Voicemail

Guide regarding the functions of the phone and how to set up your voicemail. How to answer a call, email etiquette, and more. 

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Learn more about our culture, company policies, benefits, and much more. 


Workers Rights

Workers' compensation, unemployment, state laws, regulations, and more. 

Working on Laptop


Login to Rippling to view payment history, W2s, request time off, and much more!

Yoga by the Ocean


Access our wellness program for monthly resources, activities, contests, and more. 



Access our yearly calendar to view date of payments, holidays, and other important dates. 

Apartment Balconies

Property Information

Download our Property Information List  - view address, phone, fax number, manager, accountant, property codes, and more.



Use this guide to learn how to start a chat, make a video call, share files, organize teams, add personal apps, and more. 

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Meet the Corporate Team

View our team profile page to learn more about our corporate team members. 

Questions? Comments? 

Can't find what you're looking for, or need more information? Please email

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