The goal of this month is to become more mindful. Meditation practice is a great way to become more mindful of one's thoughts and intentions. They are various forms of meditations, some may resonate more so than with others. Nonetheless, when one becomes more in tune with their mind and the randomness at which it operates, we may achieve a more peaceful state of mind.

We want everyone to participate, so BeWell has incentives in place to encourage you to join in on the fun. This month's prize is a Massage Gift card worth $100!

How to participate:

1.) Download the 'headspace' app and complete the 'Basic' 10-day beginner's course. By completing the 10-day course, taking and uploading a screenshot of your completion, your name will be entered into the raffle once.

Want better odds?

2.) You can have your name entered into the raffle a SECOND time by meditating for 10min (or more) another TEN times on any meditation app of your choosing. There are several options listed in the resources below. We recommend using 'InsightTimer'.

To recap, by meditating 10x with the 'Basic' 10-day course on 'headspace', your name will be entered into the raffle. But we encourage you to keep meditating after the completion of this course, so by meditating 10 more times in the month, for a minimum of 10 min, your name will be entered in for a second time. 

Screenshots of the meditation sessions will be required to be entered. Simply upload your screenshots to the 'Let's Chat' page.

Mindfulness May

Winner will receive a Massage Envy Gift Card

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Waking Up with Sam Harris is another meditation app that takes your meditation practice to the next level. This is a subscription-based app but is well-worth the investment. 

UCLA Health offers resources including Guided Meditations. This is a free service and contains various kinds of meditations and focuses. 


Calm's 'Sleep more. Stress less. Live better' motto is fitting with the mindfulness focus of this month. Aside from meditation, getting good sleep is essential to a coherent and cloud-free mind. Calm offers free and subscription-based content to help you sleep at night.


InsightTimer has the largest FREE library of gridded meditations, and it also tracks your meditation activity and progress. We recommend using this app to record your addition 10min sessions after the completion of the Basics Course in the 'headspace' app.