The goal of this month is to become more financially aware and responsible. Our overall wellbeing may not only depend on physical health but our financial health too! This month let's make the conscious effort to save more, spend less, and become a better consumer.  

We want everyone to participate so BeWell has incentives in place to encourage you to join in on the fun. This month will be a Budget Book gift basket (Gift Card included)! You can win this month's prize by engaging in the Common Cents program provided by Cigna, TNC's health care plan providers. To participate, find the 'Challenge Ledger' listed below, this will be the main way to participate in this month's prize. The Challenge Ledger contains a tracking sheet where you collect points by practicing money-saving habits. See the 'Instructions' sheet listed below for further details. Once you have completed the four-week challenge, upload your completed Challenge Ledger to the 'Money March' chat in the Let's Chat page. The dates associated with the challenge are 3/2-3/27. Forms are to be uploaded by 3/31. By uploading your completed form, and acheiveing at least 2000 points in the challenge, you have been entered into the raffle.

We also encourage everyone to join in and share their money-saving tips and tricks in the Let's Chat page. Feel free to post questions, tips, ideas, and so forth. 

Money March

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Winner will receive a Budgeting themed Gift Basket!

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Credit Karma offers many free services including free credit scores. Be up to date on your current credit score, ways to improve it, and factors that are contributing to your current score.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a government agency that provides endless financial tools and assistance in all areas from personal debt, school loans, mortgage, and much more.

Here is addition resource presented by the Common Cents challenge, this is a more focused and personalized way of becoming more financially aware.

Additional Resources

Colonial Life, our supplementary benefits company, provides a FREE financial advisor service (KOFE) for all Neiders employees! This service includes financial coaching, online tools, and webinars. Check out the flyer for more information!


SOFA is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide financial education and assist individuals in taking charge of their personal finances. They provide various free services such as seminars, workshops, and educational resources.