Back to School Wellness

This month we will be giving away wellness backpacks to all employees to share with their families. Items included:


Wellness coloring books and crayons, lunch box, healthy snacks, hand sanitizer, first aid kit, wellness stickers, sunscreen, lip balm, jump rope, beach ball, and water bottles.

Backpacks will be given away to all employees during Open Enrollment meeting dates. 

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To: All Employees

At The Neiders Company we recognize our ultimate success depends on our talented and dedicated employees. We understand the contribution each and every one of you makes to our accomplishments, and it is our goal to provide a comprehensive program of competitive benefits to attract and retain our employees. Through our total rewards benefits programs, we strive to support the needs of our employees and their dependents by providing a benefit package that is easy to understand, access and affordable. With our on-going partnership with USI Insurance Service and our medical provider CIGNA, we have also enhanced our health and wellness resources by continuing to provide monthly focus topics around wellness, contests and recognition. We encourage all of our employees to access 2021-22 benefits guide total reward package to be informed and participate.


Benefit plans both in English and Spanish can be accessed by employee portal or through (using your personal user access).


Ani Geragosian 

Vice President Human Resources


Back to School with Mask

Prepare your Kids Mentally for the Transition Back to School

The more you plan ahead as a family, the more it will alleviate any worries your child may have and instead equip your little one with the tools needed to feel confident through the transition forward.

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