The Neiders Company continues with its community outreach program by partnering with local non-profit organizations with their causes.  With each partnership, The Neiders Company contributed to organizations who work with children related programs, adults with disabilities, food banks and for our 2020 contribution we have partnered with homeless shelters to provide socks and gloves for winter. This year we have chosen Operation Nightwatch (Seattle), Point-In-Time Count (Lakewood), and Ray of Hope (Auburn).  Each year we learn a lot more of how non-profits support our local communities and how important it is for us as an organization to continue with our outreach program. 


Operation Nightwatch started as a street outreach ministry over 50 years ago, and they have never stopped. They make friends and bring resources to homeless people. "There’s nothing like handing a slice of hot pizza at 10:00 pm to someone who had a tough day." When they move into housing, Nightwatch is there to help find a bed, order up a microwave, check in for coffee.

PIT Counts are one source of data among many that help us understand the magnitude and characteristics of people who are homeless in our community.


"The Point-In-Time Count provides the homeless assistance community with the data needed to understand the number and characteristics of persons who are homeless at one point in time."
-U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development


The Ray of Hope is open daily to assist those persons experiencing homelessness to overcome barriers that are preventing movement into the next phase of a safe and sheltered life. We are a place for persons experiencing homelessness to become connected to local and regional resources for basic needs, medical, behavioral health, and housing