The goal of this month is to incorporate more yoga (or stretching) into our weekly lives. Yoga has many benefits, it keeps muscles toned, the mind at ease, encourages better posture, and helps aide in an overall healthier lifestyle. 

We want everyone to participate, so BeWell has incentives in place to encourage you to join in on the fun. This month will be a Yoga starter-kit, which will include a yoga mat, block, and a muscle band to encourage the continuation of your yoga practice. For the chance to win, join in on the challenge by uploading a photo of yourself in a yoga pose on the Let's Chat page. Be sure that it is a different pose for each submission, limit 1 submission per day. Each submission will be entered into a raffle to win the prize!

Asana April


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Winner will receive a Yoga Set!

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March's theme is Money Management! We kn



Down Dog is a free app (with available subscriptions) that has virtual yoga sessions. This app provides beginner-advanced skill levels and is a great app to begin, continue, or advance one's yoga practice. 

Yoga with Adriene is an online yoga teacher that offers hundreds of free resources. Her youtube channel consists of yoga videos for all skill levels.


Pocket Yoga is an online and app dictionary of hundreds of poses. Feel free to use this resource as inspiration or your daily yoga pose challenge!


Yoga Poses is another app-based dictionary full of various yoga poses.