TNC's Wellness Program


Wellness Committee Members

Jenny Geister- Kitsap

Tiffany Ibarra Martinez- Lakewood

Laura Nelson- New Mexico

Karen Martinez- Auburn

Mirth Saucedo- Nevada 

Noemi Guadamarra- Lakewood

Alayna Joseph- Arizona

Kylie Olenick- Corporate

Angel Johnson- Corporate

Rubi Reynozo- Corporate

Ryley Anderson- Corporate 

Mission Statement

BeWell is to inspire, create and maintain a workplace and environment that supports each person's healthy lifestyle choices.​

  • Encourage habits of wellness

  • Increase awareness of factors and resources contributing to well-being

  • Inspire and empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health

  • Support a sense of community

Quarter 1

Emotional Wellbeing 

  • As we start the New Year and welcome 2021 we will continue with our wellness program and focus on Emotional Wellbeing for Quarter 1. Emotional Wellbeing is described as a positive sense of wellbeing which enables individuals to have the ability to recover, overcome and have an emotional balance in everyday life.

  • Topics for our Quarter 1 include, parenting, self-care and mindful practices. Team Members will have access to a wide range of resources for each topic. Some of the fun activities will include, self-care bingo, health checklist and check-ups, and stretching exercises.

  • Building our emotional wellbeing doesn’t necessarily mean that life will be easy or perfect. Instead, it means being able to navigate life’s ups and downs with confidence, resilience and bouncing back when things don’t go as planned. Being able to manage our emotions empowers us to make better decisions, and approach life with optimism.

Quarter 2

Finding Balance

  • Finding Balance comes from giving time and energy to the things that build us up and give us life and by determining what is the most important and spending our energy accordingly.

  • For quarter two we will focus on Finding Balance in our everyday life. We will cover stress reduction, time management and finally fulfilling that one thing you’ve been meaning to accomplish with a just do it attitude. 2020 was a challenging year and mental health was and still is the focus point as we entered into 2021.

  • There for, in this Quarter we will provide you with resources that focus around mental health along with a stress test activity and ways to accomplish your goals whether its taking on a new task, trying out a new sport, or reading a new book. Now it's your time! Just Do It! Let's find our balance and create a better version of ourselves.

Quarter 3

Physical Wellbeing

  • Are we ready to get out and explore your local national and state parks? Are you ready to bike, hike, swim and be active for a healthier lifestyle?

  • Quarter Three wellness will bring you all that including resources and awareness around heart disease. Taking care of our heart through balance of normal blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol will reduce our overall heart disease.

  • Going to our annual well-checkup, enjoying the outdoor activities in addition to maintaining a healthy diet will also reduce heart disease. Look for resources and activities around physical wellbeing to increase awareness on topics that are at times overlooked and giving us a healthier lifestyle.

Quarter 4

Festive Focus

  • As we come to the end of 2021 our topic for Quarter Four wellness will be Festive Focus.

  • We will celebrate Global Diversity Month by sharing something about our individual culture and traditions. In addition, we will focus on nutrition to maintain a healthy body and mind.

  • Being festive also means to continue our charitable contributions and being active in our communities.

  • To close the year we will focus on non-profit programs focused on diversity and inclusion as together we can do so much more.

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